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What are German Cockroaches?

What are German Cockroaches?

The German cockroach is the most common species of cockroach worldwide. German cockroaches quickly reproduce and are one of the most stubborn and difficult pest to deal with.

What do German Cockroaches look like?

The German cockroach is much smaller than the American cockroach. The German cockroach is flat and oval shape, grows to less than an inch long, is a light brownish color and often disfurnished by the two black stripes on its back with six legs and a pair of antennae. They scurry quickly from place to place. Although they do have wings, they rarely use them to fly.

Where do German Cockroaches live?

German cockroaches live in warm and humid environments that are close to food and water sources. The frequently invade properties by hitchhiking in grocery bags, cardboard boxes and second hand appliances. A German cockroaches’ favorite location to hide is a narrow crevice with its antennae extended out. You are most likely to find a German cockroach crawling in the kitchen or bathroom, under sinks or around plumbing. If you see one, there most likely are more around. For every German cockroach in view during the daytime, hundreds may hide inside the wall and ceiling voids, between door jams, behind cabinets or inside cabinets and drawers.

What are the signs of German Cockroaches?

  • German cockroaches leave small, brownish droppings where they live and feed.
  • German cockroaches leave brownish spotting marks behind where they crowd together.
  • Female German cockroaches carry around the egg casings a few days after birth. They will leave these cases where the frequent.
  • German cockroaches leave a musty smell where they crowd together.

What do German Cockroaches eat?

German cockroaches will feed on almost anything including soap, glue and toothpaste?

The German cockroach lifecycle

The German cockroach goes through the three stages of metamorphosis – egg, nymph and adult. The most troublesome aspect of the German cockroach is their reproductive cycle. The female can produce more than 400 eggs during her lifetime with the average lifespan only being three to six months.

How do you get rid of German Cockroaches?

Practicing good sanitation is the key to preventing an infestation as German cockroaches spend most of their time near their food source.

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