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Why you should consider Mosquito Control for your event space

Why you should consider Mosquito Control for your event space

In hopes of having an agreeable moment, many people will rent your event space if it is comfortable and suitable. Meanwhile, mosquitoes can destroy events for everybody, particularly for your staff and guests. At best, their continuous biting and hissing can be exasperating and harmful at worst. Mosquitoes are known to cause diseases, like West Nile Virus since they are good carriers of microorganism.

Mosquitoes can ruin:

  • Picnics
  • Proms
  • Marriages
  • Events
  • Receptions
  • Retreats
  • Business meetings
  • Fundraisers
  • Reunions

There are a good number of things that can attract mosquitoes to your event space. Rainfall, Irrigation malfunctions or leakages, can mount up to form standing water which is a good breeding ground for mosquitoes along with water features that do not circulate properly. Small containers can as well hold sufficient water which allows mosquitoes to lay about 100 eggs.  Just within a short period, their population can greatly increase because a group of mosquitoes can lay about 3,000 eggs in just some weeks.

The Best Course of Action

Partnering with a commercial pest control provider which provides an excellent mosquito control service is the best thing you can do to keep your event space from mosquitoes. It is always good to do this as soon as possible. Although mosquitoes are regarded as warm weather pest, they can also be full of life in temperatures that are even lower than 50 degrees.

Know that every mosquito control services differ from each other. For instance, Terminix Commercial’s Quick Guards Mosquito Service instantly takes action to eliminate the available mosquitoes, while other treatments will take time.

You need not to bother about automatic irrigation systems or rainfall diluting the treatments once the application is dry. The effectiveness of the treatment’s active ingredient can be extended by a special polymer layer which will help protect it against climate and lawn watering. If you hire Bates Exterminating Quick Guard for a month, they’ll make sure to eliminate all the mosquitoes around. Provided you stick to your plan, these professionals won’t charge you any additional cost while they retreat between monthly services.

Apart from treatments, Quick Guard Service equally performs other activities. These experts will examine your environment for potential mosquito habitats. They can as well teach you and your employees how to stop future mosquito invasions.

Without fear of any mosquito attack, you and your visitors can enjoy your events thanks to Quick Guard. Bates Exterminating has the expertise and technical know-how to effectively shield and safeguard your events space/property from mosquitoes and common pests. They will only stop when mosquitoes, termites, and other pest are completely eradicated from your business. Bates Exterminating is the leading pest control service provider in the nation.

Ensure that your guests leave your event space with wonderful and exciting memories instead of scratchy welts from mosquito bites. Hence, discover what the entire buzz is all about immediately.


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