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How to Keep Your Property Safe from Animal Intruders: Tips from Animal Control Experts

How to Keep Your Property Safe from Animal Intruders: Tips from Animal Control Experts

Every home and property is vulnerable to animal intruders who can cause damage, spread disease, and create anxiety. Animal control experts have a wealth of knowledge about protecting your property from unwelcome visitors. Knowing the signs of an animal presence and prevention tips will help keep your property safe.

Identify The Animals

Animal intruders come in all shapes and sizes: rodents such as rats or mice, larger mammals like raccoons or skunks, and even birds that nest on roofs are potential invaders. Discarded food wrappers and piles of leaves left unattended are just some signs animals use to mark their turf! Identifying the type of animal before attempting any removal techniques is essential since each species requires different approaches for successful repellent methods.

Animal Control Expert’s Tips

If you find yourself with an unwanted furry guest, you must secure your trash cans. Hence, they’re inaccessible to critters while closing off potential entry points around plumbing pipes, air vents, etc.

You may need to employ additional measures, such as using various deterrents, including sonic sound devices, sprays/pellets explicitly made for specific pests, natural predators (snakes), lighting systems with motion sensors, and sprinkler systems.

Prevention Techniques

The key to keeping animal intruders away is practicing prevention. This includes ensuring proper landscaping techniques, such as trimming back trees and bushes at least a foot from the house to eliminate potential hiding spots for critters. Additionally, an important step that people tend to overlook would be regular property inspections so you can spot any signs of possible activity immediately before it becomes more serious.

Suppose your home or property has had multiple infestations in the past. In that case, it’s recommended that you work with professional wildlife removal/animal control experts who understand how these animals behave and know precisely what steps must be taken to reduce future incidences of animal intrusion on your premises. Lastly, educate yourself (and those living around you) about common pest species – understanding their behavior will give you a better idea when identifying them and formulating strategies for preventing further incidents if they return after being removed by professionals.

Dealing With Infestations

If all else fails, prompt action must be taken if there’s evidence of an ongoing infestation inside or outside your home: contact local animal control specialists immediately so they can assess the situation and develop appropriate solutions, including humane trapping and removal techniques. In addition to ensuring the intruder is removed, it’s essential to ensure long-term prevention, such as sealing off entry points – this way, future intruders are less likely to find their way in since they won’t be able to get past your barriers.


Animal intrusion can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but luckily there are ways you can protect yourself from animal invaders on your property. By following these tips from animal control experts – identifying animals, using repellents, preventing access/entry points, practicing proper landscaping habits, working with professionals, etc..–you will be better prepared whenever an unwanted visitor appears uninvited at your home or property!

When dealing with infestations, prompt action must always be taken, so contact local wildlife specialists immediately if you suspect any activity on site. By staying proactive and informed, you can help ensure long-term prevention against animal intrusions.

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