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The brown recluse is identified as one of the most menacing spiders in North America. Although there are not naturally hostile and hardly bite people, they’ve acquired a really bad reputation over the years. Actually, these spiders are always held responsible for bites from different types of spiders or other insects. This situation of the wrong identity doesn’t stop there since they are always confused with other different species of spider, as well! So, to up your spider savvy, learn how to recognize a brown recluse.

Because these spiders are overrated and frighten by a lot of people, you might be expecting them to be enormous with very long legs. But on the contrary, they are pretty small. When these spiders extend their legs, they are just about the size of a quarter. Therefore, it’s not likely to be a brown recluse if you see a big brown spider.

How Does a Brown Recluse Look Like?

As suggested by the name, their color ranges between brown to tan. The legs of a brown recluse have the same color as its body. Their legs are also smooth with no particular markings.

The brown recluse spiders are usually called “violin spiders” or “fiddle-backed spiders” because they have violin-shaped markings on their backs. But, it is important to note that many other spider species have similar markings although there are several brown recluse images that highlight this feature. To better identify a brown recluse pider, you can focus on its eyes. Unlike other spider species with four pairs of eyes, brown recluse spiders have three pairs.

How can I Identify the Web of a Brown Recluse Spider?

Instead of catching their prey in webs like most spiders, brown recluse spiders hunt down their prey. So, when you see insect trapped into a spider’s web, you should know that the web doesn’t belong to a brown recluse spider. Instead of catching prey with their web, these spiders used it for nesting and shelter – reasons why they are often out of sight. Habitually, these webs are grey or white in color and seem to be extremely disorganized unlike the beautifully made symmetrical web of an orb weaver.

Where Can I See a Brown Recluse?

Unless you look for these spiders, you won’t be able to find them easily. So, according to their name, they are “reclusive” which mean they are introverted and like to hide. Brown recluse spiders prefer to live in dry and dark areas such as rocks, debris, and wood piles. Inside homes or garages, they might as well live in boxes, basements, attics, and beneath sheets. If you live in areas where brown recluse spiders are found, make sure to always shake the clothes or shoes you’ve not worn for a while because they’re equally known to get comfortable in these items.

Brown recluse spiders are found in parts of Illinois, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, and are most predominant in areas like Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana and Florida.

You shouldn’t be scared of these small creatures now that you know more about them. Nevertheless, you can contact a pest control agency like Bates Exterminating if you are facing a brown recluse or any other spider problem in your house.

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