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Florida Mosquito Control

Florida Mosquito Control

While the year round temperate is one of the many perks of living in Florida, those perks come with a price – mosquitos. Our warm temperatures and moisture are two conditions which mosquito populations thrive. Florida mosquitos are most active in the spring and summer months, when warm temperatures combined with frequent, heavy rains produce heavy mosquito populations. As Florida grows increasingly muggy, mosquitos come out in swarms.

January is normally Florida’s coldest month. Mosquitoes in Florida have enjoyed mild winters in recent years. This year, Florida’s low temperatures dipped below 50 degrees Fahrenheit on only a handful of days, and daily highs generally reached the 70s and 80s. Fifty degrees is about the threshold for mosquito season. Below that temperature, mosquito populations die off. Above it, they can live, reproduce and thrive.

Florida is home to about 80 known species of mosquitoes, more than any other state. Thirty-three of these species are known to cause problems for people and pets, and some carry potentially serious diseases such as encephalitis, West Nile or Zika viruses.

Since mosquito larvae are aquatic, water is another important factor in supporting mosquito populations, and rainfall and wet areas flourish in many regions of Florida. Due to water and warmth, most parts of the state harbor both native and invasive species of this pesky insect.

Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitos need standing water to breed. If you have long-lasting puddles following a storm, flower pots, bird baths or another area that collects water, then the mosquitos will gather. Check your home’s gutters to ensure that they’re not blocked or damaged, as that can cause issues too. 

Mosquito-Unfriendly Garden

Several plants have mosquito repellant properties that make them a perfect addition to your yard. Lavender, citronella grass, rosemary and catnip are a few that you can incorporate into flower beds and boxes.

Switch Outdoor Light Bulbs

Your outdoor lights may be attracting more mosquitos to your yard. You don’t have to ditch the fixtures. Just swap your existing bulbs out for LED bug lights. This option is specifically designed to be less attractive for night-time insects.

Mosquito Control

At Bates Exterminating, we offer an excellent Mosquito Control Program which will get you back outside enjoying your property during the beautiful spring and summer months. Our mosquito experts will inspect your property for any potential mosquito breeding spots to eliminate them. We will treat your property to curb the existing population of mosquitoes that trouble you. Please call us with any questions, and schedule your free same day inspection at 800-774-2651

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